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 shopping in free zone

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PostSubject: shopping in free zone Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:07 pm

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shopping in free zone
In fact, this nike dunk shoes situation on the spot during the race it portentously, Shenyang East into the coach tomorrow, this race in the expression of discontent when the value of nike dunk, the referee whistled for many of the protests, so unbearable The referee Zhang Yue he produced two verbal warnings. Is precisely because of Zhang Yue Ming in the struggle for not being tough enough, and even seems too weak to directly contribute to the east of
cheap nike dunks arrogance, it has become after the game in Shenyang players to attack the referee east an important incentive. This article was written by joy1709 on 2010-8-4 from us-trade company.

When the game ended, one player east of Shenyang suddenly out of trying to go after the referee, and this behavior is waiting for the block next to the special police in Changsha. Not then in the event when the special police quickly rushed out of two of Changsha, Shenyang, east of the players subdued. Riots followed the trend of expansion is shown, Shenyang east of the coaches and players are out, Hunan Province, the Football Association officials to carry out dredging work too quickly and eventually tried to attack the referee in the east of Shenyang players by other players back to the locker room dunk shoes, this event was able to declare the end. Fortunately, this attack on referee incident has not caused too serious consequences.

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shopping in free zone

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